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The Trifecta of elements

Derived by combining the “O” from ocean “S” from Sky and “erth” from Earth, emerges a name that signifies a grander scope. Inspired by the natural world, Oserth haircare ranges aims to realign ourselves with the world. Guided by these 3 elements, we’ve crafted unique collections focusing on the core essence of the hair.

The Sky to guide us


The Ocean to guide us


The Earth to guide us

Our Ocean


Inspired by the Ocean’s revitalising properties. Adherence to the nature of water as it is always coming back in waves, giving your hair the balance and shine it needs to be healthy.

Our Sky


Inspired by the endless vastness of the sky and is for your hair to explore endless opportunities.

Our Earth


Just as the earth is resilient, strong and robust. Our Earth collections are inspired by the earth to repair damaged hair, instilling the Earth’s strength in your hair, from root to tip.

There was a time when humans were dependent on the ways of the earth to show us how to live, how to breathe and how to exist. Oserth envisions a future where we go back to being intimately connected with nature.

Our body and soul aligned and at peace like the consistent cycles of our world. We imagine existing in harmony with the planet, and not against it. Our goal is to bring back attention to the natural existing world. The value of being inspired by the Sky, Ocean and Earth. Let’s get inspired by the limitlessness of the Sky, the balance of the Ocean, the rich strength of the Earth. Let’s get Oserth.

Designed through the power and inspiration of the Sky, Ocean and Earth, Oserth targets years of artificial hair damage to realign, replenish and recharge your hair using the potential our environment has to offer. We have learned a lot from the elements and these lessons have helped us create targeted solutions.

We Care

Oserth’s essence is rooted in caring, while ensuring the utmost product quality. We develop cruelty-free, vegan haircare ranges that draw inspiration from three distinct natural elements. Our commitment to sustainability informs every stage of production. Our clean beauty haircare collections are enriched with nourishing elements, free from the harmful additives.

Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty Bliss. Oserth's haircare is a harmonious blend of nourishing natural ingredients, free from sulfates and parabens, creating a pure and vibrant experience. Immerse yourself in the wholesome goodness that enriches your hair, while maintaining a commitment to keeping harmful chemicals at bay.

Vegan Friendly

Oserth is a testament to pure vegan commitment, meticulously crafted with love for you and the planet. Our products are free of any animal-derived ingredients, ensuring a compassionate and eco-conscious choice for your hair care routine.


Oserth, a paragon of sustainability, embraces eco-conscious practices. Our products are housed in sugar cane bioplastic packaging, responsibly sourced for 100% recyclability, contributing to a sustainable world. Furthermore, our production is fueled by renewable solar energy, exemplifying a commitment to a cleaner, greener planet.

Animal Friendly

Infused with compassion, our cruelty-free haircare is a testament to kindness toward animals and you. Each bottle is crafted with care, ensuring a harmonious blend of beauty and ethical values for a guilt-free and uplifting haircare experience.

Made in Sweden

Each of our products proudly carries the stamp of Swedish precision and excellence, symbolizing unrivaled quality and authentic care encapsulated in every bottle. Immerse yourself in a luxurious experience that reflects our commitment to perfection and genuine well-being.